Welcome to our Updated Website.

We are currently making changes to make it more user friendly.
If any homeowner has any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact David Furelli or Cat Roberts.

The calendar is up to date, the financials have been added and Committees will be approved at the next Board Meeting.

Design Review Committee is always looking for volunteers to join. Currently there are two spots available. This committee reviews improvements to your exterior property and grounds.

Potential Committees are:
Welcoming Committee - This committee will be introducing our community to new homeowners.
Beautification Committee - This committee will help keep our entrances free of debris.
Decorating Committee - This committee will be responsible for holiday decorations at the front entrance. 
Web Support Committee - This committee will help update the Falls Website.
Documents Committee - This committee will propose updates to the Covenants. (Current documents are dated from 2003)